rHGH GENESIS - 3x 10 I.U.

Generic name - HGH - human growth hormone

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rHGH GENESIS 3 x 10 I.U.

generic name - HGH - human growth hormone

rHGH is a synthetically formulated HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which acts in a similar way to the naturally occurring growth hormone produced by our bodies. Among athletes and bodybuilders it is used to gain extra muscles and to burn the unnecessary fat in the human body. It also increases the energy levels, improves the skin texture and immune system functions.

rHGH helps the body to recover between workouts and posses the ability to increase calcium retention and to strengthen the


The recommended dosage is between 4 I.U. - 12 I.U. per day. Some users may prefer to use it twice a day, although it is hard to see the real advantage of injecting HGH more than once per day. Maximum dosage should not exceed 14 I.U. per day as higher doses carry with them the risk of nerve impingement and/or adema.

In package you will get 3 vials of HGH and 3 vials of bacteriostatic water for injection.

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