Supplements for muscle gain

Supplements for muscle gain list.

Oral steroids are practical solution for those who are afraid of injections. Oral steroids are processed more slowly by the human body. For the explanation of how oral steroids work. If you take natural testosterone (not chemically modified) orally, it will be absorbed by the liver immediately. First it passes through the liver and from there it gets into the muscles. 

Up to 98% of free testosterone is absorbed during the passage through the liver. The injected free testosterone enters the muscles first and then the liver. However, even here, 98% of the free testosterone is absorbed during its first pass through the liver.

So for decent anabolic effect of steroids, they must be able to cross the bloodstream several times (before they become ineffective). This is done by modifying the testosterone molecule and adding a group of elements (alkyl groups) to a specific site (known as the Alpha position - also referred to as the 17th carbon position), anabolic steroids have been formed that are more difficult to process for the liver (Alpha-alkyl). 

Anabolic steroids based on this basis are able to pass through the liver several times and then become ineffective. This allows the anabolic steroids to get into the muscles, act there and deliver the desired effects. Although this brings much more stress for the livers. Majority of oral steroids are working on there principles so they can cause liver problems. Obviously the risks are reduced with right dosage. To reduce the risks and restore the liver cells right products should be taken alongside with the steroids.